Mason Construction and Development has established its presence in the residential and commercial building market within the past 32 years and across several states. We produce quality construction in custom residential homes, commercial buildings, and remodeling projects with a primary focus in Oldham County and the Louisville, Kentucky Metro area.

Owner and builder Dan Perkins began as a framing carpenter working for his father in Louisville and learning the fundamentals of construction. Later, moving to Florida, Dan began a residential construction company that built up to 100 homes per year. In 1995, he decided to return to Kentucky and began Mason Construction and Development. Dan is a member of the Home Builder’s Association of Louisville, Greater Louisville, Inc., the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce, and the Fern Creek Community Association and Chamber of Commerce.

We are proud of the exceptional quality we infuse into all projects; residential homes for sale, and commercial centers/developments alike.

We can’t say enough great things about Dan Perkins and his company, Mason Construction! We were relocating to the Louisville area and still living in Ohio during our build, but Dan ensured that or building experience was fantastic. He kept us apprised of every development throughout the entire process and always made us feel reassured that our vision and best interests were his main priority. Dan uses first class contractors and produces a top notch product. We absolutely love our home and recommend Mason Construction to anyone interested in building a great house!

– Robert & Hilty Borgert, Crestwood, KY

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